TRF Grants

Through its matching grants program, The Rotary Foundation provides matching funds that allow the club to execute service projects that fill a need in our local community.

Each of the last two years, the club worked toward a long-term goal of funding a pavilion outside of the Clover School District Community YMCA that would be used jointly by Crowder’s Creek Elementary School. and the YMCA. The ultimate timing of the project is dependant upon the approval of the YMCA’s Master Site Plan by the school distrcit.

Rotarians Eddie Lukowski and Charles Ford work to assemble a picnic table at the YMCA

As the initial phase of the project, the Club purchased and assembled heavy duty picnic tables for use at the YMCA that will ultimately be relocated to the pavilion.

Prior years grants have gone to help fund our Josh the Baby Otter literacy & water safety program, the initial cost of setting up our Little Free Library program, expansion of our Spirit of Service Scholarships, reading recovery programs at Crowder’s Creek Elementary school, an outdoor science garden at Bethel Elementary School and a major renovation at the Clover Area Assistance Center to convert it to a Full-Choice Pantry.

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