How to Join

The Rotary Club of Lake Wylie is continually looking to add new members. Becoming a member involves you and the club getting to know each other to confirm that your membership will be meaningful, and in turn, that you will be an added source of strength to our organization and the work that we do.

If interested in joining, please do the following:

  1. Explore our website. Familiarize yourself with our Clubs service projects, ideals, and particularly the Membership Expectations
  2. Join us for Lunch (your first one is on us!). Prospective members must attend at least one weekly club meeting before they will be considered for membership. Our meetings will give you a great sense of the people, the work we do, and the spirit of the club. We meet most every Tuesday at noon.
  3. Meet with representatives from our Membership Committee. After you have attended several meetings, you will have an opportunity to visit with some of our members to ask questions and learn the protocol for being proposed and being inducted as a new member
  4. Call or email. For more information about joining, the Lake Wylie Rotary, please contact our Membership Chair.
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