Sweet Repeat Awards $120,000 in Grants to Local Charities

Last week, the Sweet Repeat Charitable Foundation which runs a local thrift store in Lake Wylie, issued its 2018-2019 Grants to 27 local non-profits for the outstanding work they do in our community. The Lake Wylie Rotary Club Foundation was a proud recipient of one of the generous grants which will be used to complete local community projects, including the Josh the Baby Otter project which focuses on water safety and literacy project.

While we are thankful to be the recipient of one of these grants, we are even more thankful that we have organizations such as Sweet Repeat in our community, and grateful of the work that all of their volunteers do on a daily basis to make their operation run.

We urge our friends and neighbors to support the Sweet Repeat Charitable Foundation by contributing their unwanted items and shopping at their store. All of the funds that they raise goes right back into improving our community.

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