Little Free Libraries – Early Childhood Literacy

Little-Free-LibrariesThe Little Free Library project enabled the Lake Wylie Rotary Club to impact early childhood literacy in areas of our community with need.

The club installed three Little Free Libraries within our community with the goal of impacting early childhood literacy. The libraries are wooden boxes where individuals can take a book. We focused the locations in areas of greatest need, primarily where low income children (and adults) would have easy access to them. Rotarians painted and installed the libraries and our club members are responsible for doing book drives and keeping them stocked with books. In theory, individuals take books, read them, and then return them; however the book outflow is expected to be greater than the inflow. Therefore, the club also works to keep the books stocked. At the writing of this, our libraries have been operational less than a week; however, we expect to impact at least 500 individuals annually through these three locations.


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